Berry Bubbly Anti-Oxidant Facial

It’s winter time and that means its time to take extra care of your skin! Usually this weather can dry out your skin even more so than normal, causing you to have flakes and dry spots. Your skin is in need of a little extra TLC during these chilly months. It’s also important to make sure your skin care products will help not only cleanse your skin, but also providing the right amount of moisture that it needed as this weather will dry it out.

Our facial special this time around is our Berry Bubbly Anti-Oxidant Facial. You will enjoy this facial as you detox and drench your skin in anti-oxidant rich berries, with this yummy facial. Our Blueberry Firming Treatment exfoliates and fights free radicals while oxygenating the skin for a healthy glow. A Strawberry Rhubarb masque reduces inflammation, the root cause of all aging, and evens out skin tone. This treatment also includes a plumping lip treatment and rejuvenating eye treatment. Skin is left looking healthy and flawless!

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