Kevin Murphy Class

We recently participated in an educational training class with Kevin Murphy. We strive as a salon to always continue learning the newest techniques and information to utilize here in the salon. Thanks to our amazing educator for the day, Sabrina Lopez, for covering all important aspects with product information and techniques to use on a day to day basis.

We first started off our day with exploring and discussing the products of Kevin Murphy. Our go to favorite products to use are from the Hydrate Me line and the Smooth Again line. Another favorite that we discussed is the Restore Treatment that is used to help rebuild and restore the hair with elasticity, strength and moisture. All Kevin Murphy products are cruelty free and are made with natural ingredients. This is one of the reasons why we adore Kevin Murphy, as they believe in caring for our environment and the understanding of climate change.

With our hands on training, we found the importance of providing our clients with the right hair care regimen for their everyday needs. Natasha was our class model for the day, and we began by  determining her hair type and texture, and what would work best for her. We started off using Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash, which gently cleanses and removes any buildup of unwanted products . The next step was using the Repair Me Wash as it helps strengthen hair with proteins from bamboo and silk amino acids. As our conditioner, we used the Repair Me Rinse which helps moisturize with shea butter and aloe vera extracts.

When we were ready to style her hair, we started off with spraying the hair with Hair Resort spray. This spray helps add texture to achieve that beach like look. We then lightly dried her hair until it was mostly dry. Her hair was then sectioned off into 4 sections which all ended up getting braided. We added heat to each section that was braided until they felt warm. Once dry, we removed the braids to reveal a beach like wave.

The next step was to incorporate the “sewing” technique, which is just as it sounds, sewing! You just start weaving your way throughout the hair to start creating a beautiful up do. Sewing also allows it to be free of range and secures the hair in any position with just the string.

We want to thank Sabrina for an amazing class! Stay tuned for upcoming posts as the holidays are approaching!