Purity Salon does Pumpkin spice

Halloween is just around the corner; which means the holidays are going to be in full swing before we know it. Ditch your pumpkin spice latte this season and book yourself a pumpkin yam facial. Its calorie free and just what you need to relax before all of your family gatherings.

Let me tell you why this facial is so amazing! This time of year, exfoliation is really important because your skin develops a dry layer on the surface of your face. This needs to be exfoliated in order to bring your new, radiant skin to the surface. This happens to us during the change of the seasons because our skin is dealing with the exposure to cold air and then most of the time, immediate exposure to very warm air. This is what dries out our skin. Luckily, this fall facial provides exfoliation and hydration. Pumpkin and Yam puree fight the signs fight aging while also dissolving dry skin cells. Lactic and Glycolic acids slough off dead skin cells to reveal your bright skin beneath. The green tea provides a high dose of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your skin. This treatment is also wonderful for aiding in the diminishing of hyperpigmentation.

This divine smelling treatment includes an exfoliating system, stimulating treatment and customized mask while you relax and receive a hand, arm and shoulder massage. You will also get to enjoy a scalp massage, lip treatment and a complimentary makeup touchup. What’s not to love! Another wonderful thing about this facial is that it smells like a freshly baked pumpkin pie, which is simply perfect for this holiday season. This is the perfect way to get your yearly pumpkin fix without the extra calories.

So book an appointment today, as this delectable fall treat is only available until November 30 for a discounted price!

That’s all for this week! Tune in soon for more tips and tricks on beauty!