Welcome Cosmedix!

We, here at Purity Salon, are beyond excited to introduce a new line to our product family! This amazing hot commodity is called Cosmedix.

Cosmedix is a plant based cosmetic line that contains natural ingredients mixed with award winning chemistry for gentle, effective results. We love this company because it combines science with nature to create a clinical skin care line that produces visible, lasting results. The company states, “Our plant-based ingredients are concentrated for maximum effectiveness, then refined to compliment the skin’s chemistry while simultaneously remedying troublesome skin conditions. From sun damage, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, these concerns can be treated without the irritation or downtime of popular, conventional treatments. Providing skin solutions that improve your skin without hindering your lifestyle: it’s a promise we renew every day.” It’s important to also know that Cosmedix does not use harsh chemicals like benzyl peroxide and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are active ingredients in many other cosmetic lines that can cause redness and inflammation in the skin.

Cosmedix takes a scientific approach to sourcing the natural botanicals that work best for your skin. The brand has a four-pillar approach to delivering top-quality skincare products. They use the most effective botanicals, use chirally balanced ingredients, focus on skin matrix support and emphasize the importance of good exfoliating agents. I want to further explain these four pillars of the company for everyone because it’s very important in understanding this product line.

Botanicals- We want to use the most natural ingredients closest to the earth in order to protect and preserve the delicate nature of our skin. We also do this to avoid absorbing harsh chemicals and carcinogens directly into our bodies through our skin that could be present within other products.

Chirality-These ingredients are filtered to make sure they only contain the type of chiral molecules that work the most effectively in your skin. The molecules are formulated so that the skin can easily use them and doesn’t have to struggle and create inflammation in the process of absorption.

Skin matrix support- This little phrase simply means that we are giving the skin all the nutrients it needs in order for optimal function. Just like you would put top tier gas in a high performance car or gravitate towards healthy organic foods to give your body more energy; The skin is the same, exact situation. We want to feed our skin the best nutrients in order for it to perform at its optimum functioning capacity.

Exfoliating- Exfoliation is one of the most key components to a complete and effective skin care regimen. Exfoliating stimulates collagen and elastin while also removing dull lifeless skin cells that could otherwise clog your pores.

Cosmedix produces superior home care and professional treatments that you can receive right here in the salon! Book an appointment with one of our estheticians today!

That’s all for this week! Tune in next time for more tips and tricks on beauty.