Winter Skin Care Tips

In order to maintain a glowing complexion during the winter season I suggest these six things;

Exercise three to four times a week– Cardio will benefit you most. This is because this type of movement will bring your bodies natural nutrients to the surface of your skin giving you a glowing complexion.

Use masks nightly– I suggest the Bamboo Age Corrective mask by Eminence because this product contains Shea Butter and Argon stem cells. This stimulates the production of new skin cells. It’s important to hydrate and stimulate the skin to decelerate the aging process.

Exfoliate twice a week– This removes dull, dry cells on the surface to make way for a bright, glowing skin tone. My favorite product for exfoliation is the Strawberry Rhubarb exfoliate paired with the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil by Eminence. This exfoliate contains lactic acid that hydrates while exfoliating. Strawberry brightens the skin while the Rhubarb is an anti-inflammatory component of this product. The Rosehip Oil should be applied directly after the exfoliation process. This product slows down the process of glycation. This means that it helps slow down the aging process. This oil will also increase elastin for firmer skin as well as increasing skin hydration.

8 hours of sleep per night– I cannot express how important sleep is to your skin care regimen. This is the time that our skin repairs itself. I like to use essential oils before bedtime to relax me before I drift off. The Balance and Serenity oils by Doterra help promote peaceful energy and relaxation.

Lip care– Lip care is just as important is your skin care. During the cold winter months; the skin and lips lose a lot of moisture. Jane Eridale’s lip drink is just what my lips need when moisture is scarce. This product provides hydrating protection leaving your lips feeling refreshed.

Sunscreen– Spf is key during ALL seasons of the year. UV rays are still present even when the sky is cloudy so, it’s important to protect your face with sunscreen. I love the Tropical Vanilla Day Cream by Eminence. It’s SPF 32 and provides UVA and UVB protection for all skin types.


And don’t forget that all of the products I’ve mentioned can be purchased at the salon! Stop by and say hi!